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                     TISKY & WHILE

Bea is a self-taught artist whose work focuses on capturing the world in a two-dimensional composition. She uses ink, watercolors and photoshop as her main mediums, often mixing and matching various expressions to achieve the desired outcome.

Inspired by authors Charles Bukowski, Raymond Carver and internet memes, she transposes conversational phrases over hand-drawn images to combine banal humor and story telling. Her comics simultaneously symbolize both the commonality and uniqueness within our lives. 

She began Tisky & While as a single panel comic strip in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 2012, visually inspired by the line drawings and expressions of street art and vintage comics. She published her first book with McNally Jackson Books in 2015, and her first app is available on iTunes. Her work has been exhibited in Bushwick Open Studios and Nightboob: A Fundraising Celebration.

Bea currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is earning a Master's Degree in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Southern California. She enjoys exploring various mediums to illuminate the voice and emotion of Tisky & While.


'Spiffy dresser"


"You're a Romantic"


"Itch creme" canvas

"Gas Tank" canvas